Macro photograpy


Macro photography.

I have only one type of problem with this kind of photography, that is you must get up very early.

The nice thing about macro photography is that if all goes well you have very detailed pictures or not, a limited focus that you can achieve good results.


Macro photography is to play with your subject and background, together they provide what you want to capture. Macro photography can be done with many lenses. But the best work with you 1:1 macro lenses. You can use your own brand of camera lens, Sigma or Tamron. For stationary objects such as flowers and plants can be good enough with 35, 50mm macro lenses. For insects it is better to look for lenses with 150mm, 180mm or 200mm lenses.

The advantages are that you can take greater distance from your subject and with insects this is ofcourse much better. It is very difficult to make from 5cm a dragonfly photo.

Macro photography is for me not just going out into nature, but also consider how you want to put something on the photo.  This sometimes mean that I am hours busy with a single insect, plant, flower or mushroom.


Besides the camera and a macro lens I also have some other attributes such as self-made movable arm that helps me in situations that I need 3 hands. With this macro arm I can put twigs, flowers in a position I want without harming nature. Also I use a reflective screen what I use to lighten up the dark areas or shadows.

Brief overview of what I usually carry with me when I do macro photography:

- Camera
- Sigma Macro 150mm F2.8
- Macro arm
- 30cm reflection screen
- different sizes clasps
- 3 leg tripod + ballhead

a case where can fit all gear except the tripod course.

Besides outdoor macro photography I do regularly macro photography in my studio. Despite that everything is available I prefer using the light which comes from the window. Flowers are a willing object for you to enjoy at home and they can help you understanding macro photography.


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