Birdhide (UHR)

Finally, after years, the desire to have a own bird hide, this dream come true. Finally we got permission to place a hut in a shielded  forest. Below the making of this hut.

First of all, we are of course going to make a drawing for the best possible hut. I think we succeeded. Naturally we are directly due to enthosiasme forget to take pictures. Let's start with the the now entrenched poles.

We did this with a few man first, above all, a at the end of the forest cutting drag in the end, starting with the burrow of the poles. Of course, they were first in the menie.

Wall for wall is placed so that (hopefully) the hut level. All parts are actually already gefrabriceerd at my home, as if it were a construction kit.

At the end we leaved the hut as it shows above. It would be a week later,when we will finisch it, but I tink we never stop with changing thing..

This is how the hut looks now with a Camouflage net all over it.

New photo from pond

On our first day after some more changes we have counted 13 different bird species. They are there and we have them all on one of the places. This gives a good prospect for the winter.

I will regularly photos with the addition (UHR). These are all from the little hut in a forest.


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